October 4, 2022


𝕽𝖊𝖑𝖆𝖙𝖎𝖔𝖓𝖘𝖍𝖎𝖕 𝕬𝖋𝖋𝖆𝖎𝖗𝖘

Are you so obsessed being in a relationship?

I’m gonna tell you a story that might change your view of everything.

In a talk show, a guy was invited to talk about some stuff which people considered to be boring. But as he started, the room stood still. He story went like this:

My name being Kevin Hart has been in countless misfortunes you could ever imagine. Back then in mid school, was kinda the only guy who was left out cos I wasn’t among the gang that wasn’t part of being in a relationship. You could consider me a weird nerd who gets shy for every little thing that happens but back in the library as I tried reaching out to a book, I turned and saw the most beautiful being of my life and at that moment I fell in love. The fun fact is that I was just six of age. So I nervously walked up to her and introduced myself and she shyly said her name being Stephanie with her eyes glued to mine, which kinda made me so nervous I felt like peeing on my pants. Time went on I asked her to be my girlfriend which I had no idea what it meant perhaps hearing the word from movies made it seem fansy to me. And at that moment, my heart melted as she said ‘yes’ which made me the happiest guy on earth. Thereafter we began hanging out together, did most of the things together, went to detention together and alot of embarrassing stuff together. I would say I gave my all to her, my heart, soul and body cos I couldn’t literally be without her. Then came a day when I walked down to the library to meet her and there was this guy named luthor who was literally more handsome than me, more body built than me and richer than me in every way. And this guy was the guy she told me she didn’t like, she constantly told me she hated the guy for who he was. You could imagine what kind of guy he was, bullying the hell out of weaker kids in school then.

So I gathered courage and walked up to their table and looked at stephanie and asked her ” I thought you told me you hated me “, she looked at luthor and hurried replied. ” I didn’t say I hated him, I never said that you liar. ” And then she stood up, looked me in the eyes and shouted I hate you pushing plll to the ground before walking out with luthor. I couldn’t believe it, I sat being so confused that made a six years old kid believe that something was wrong with him.

So I became 17, and there at a club, I saw this girl with couple of her friends which made gave me this deep feeling that she’s the one, it gave me this jingles in my belly that she’s my soulmate. So I got her number, you don’t expect me walking up to her?!, I was shy as hell, so I got it from one of her friends. That very night I called and introduced myself and we talked for hours till we slept off on each and that continued for days until she became my girlfriend. We had fun and did a lot of silly stuff you would expect teenagers to do. And then, she began hanging out with some guy who always picks her up and takes her. This happened everyday until I caught them kissing, and believe me it got me so angry that I punched the teeth off the guy’s mouth. And boom, the slap came right on my very cheeks from the girl I gave my whole too, and at that very moment she told me how irritating I was to her and walked out on me. As I told there confused on what I did wrong, the same image of the very 6 year old kid who was pushed to the floor came up as I got my heart broken again.

As I grew older, I fell in love again with my whole heart soul and body to a woman I considered to be perfect and my all. And there before my very eyes I saw the woman of my dreams getting her ass fucked by another guy in my very house and at that moment I knew I was cursed, never to be in love. I couldn’t bear the empty whole that I felt within me. I always see the best in people no matter how bad they hurt me or how they treat me. And that was my problem, that was the very problem I had right from the time I knew what love was. I spent my whole life focusing on how to make other people better by seeing them at their best and not at their worst instead of focusing that on myself. I wasn’t able to love myself and perhaps that was the exact reason I get treated like some puppet that gets dumped when used. From then on, I stopped with the act of looking for other people to fill me up and started doing that myself. I started loving myself and started improving on myself to be the best and the better version on myself.

So many of us out there are so kin and bent on finding someone to make us whole and complete no matter the times they’ve been hurt by others. We shouldn’t give others the opportunity to define us or make them decide what we should become. Being desperate for love without actually loving yourself will only get yourself hurt continuously over and over again. You don’t need a guy or a girl to make you happy or make you complete. I’m not saying being in a relationship is bad but being so obsessed and desperate because you will end up hurting yourself. We should all learn to love ourselves enough in order to love others cos that’s the only way people can see us at our full potentials and respect you for who you are.

Love is strong impact, but for you to love others even to their worst?, We should love ourselves for who we are.