May 27, 2022


𝕽𝖊𝖑𝖆𝖙𝖎𝖔𝖓𝖘𝖍𝖎𝖕 𝕬𝖋𝖋𝖆𝖎𝖗𝖘

Don’t kill yourself over someone: Fact, your someone prayers.

The hardest thing anyone could face through is forgetting someone who you’ve loved with everything within you. Yeah, it’s gonna make you reply depressed frustrated until you think nothing really matters anymore, but honestly, emotions are overrated. We all get to choose what we want to feel. Most of us let out emotions get the best of us which will lead you down a road you may not get out anymore.oThere’s this guy who has been in love and a really a strong one. Both the guy and his girl were so happy with each other, and there goes the promises of never giving up no matter what happens and the future promises of spending their life’s together forever. But nature always have it’s way of testing that which is called love. You can’t just wake up and claim you love someone without actually showing you really do. So, the guy and his girl traveled to different places giving birth to distant relationship which is a grand test to test two lovers if the so claimed love is really what it is. Surprisdly, the relationship everyone thought it would actually last didn’t even last up to two months before crashing down to it’s feet. But the guy never gave up, he keeps going back to ask for a second chance but can’t it. And this makes the guy have regrets because back in the days, he cant really count how many times his given the girl second chnaces. He tolerates her altitude, insults and waits for her patiently to change, he never ever gave up on her but the one chance he asks for a second chance to prove to the world how powerful love could be to resist the temptations of distant relationship. He remembers the promises made by the girl that she would never leave him and always be ready to give second chances. He remembers the future promises which he has vowed to keep no matter what. He remembers the favorite quote of the girl, ” distance can never be a barrier “, but shocking enough, she tells him that she doesn’t really believes in distance relationship anymore and actually she needs someone to see and to touch but yet she still claims she loves him, how ironic can that become. This baths the guy with so much anger of having wasted his years with her. And possibly his heart gets hardened and he finally decides to move on. Human beings can bring out the worst in people. Life is too short to live your life under the influence of someone all in the name of love. We can’t all expect dreamed or desired things to happen to us.

Believe me, nature works in mysterious ways. It has a way of taking out the someone from your life and replacing it with someone who suites you. We shouldn’t take all misfortunes as a mistake. It simply means, the guy or the girl ain’t meant for you. Life’s no fairytale with happy endings but a series of moments that defines our happiness. Love is like a switch, and the same way it is being turned on, that’s the same you can switch it off and believe me once it is switched off it is hardly possible to turn on such switch again.

We should all learn to live out lives to the fullest, dwelling with people that actually makes us happy and makes us feel special. If one can’t ensure a little distance and gets tired in the middle of it or looses interest along the line, such person never loved you at all. But if someone can tolerate all odds even though it would be the most painful experience on earth to make sure he/she has a future with you is definitely worth it. Who doesn’t want a partner that lives so close to us, a partner we get to see everyday. But definitely along the line, you may eventually get tired of seeing such person. Get tired of kissing or doing any romantic stuff with such person and such guy or girl may tend to cheat. But there’s no greater joy that comes with surviving the distance relationship with your partner and you guys finally get to settle down. And there’s really nothing on earth that can seperate them cos they’ve faced the worst and survived.

If you really claim to love someone. Nothing at all can hinder such love from fading away not even distance itself. In all love is patient and enduring. But everything has an elastic limit even love itself.